Edenside House

Environmental Policy


Edenside House is directly adjacent to the Eden Estuary (a haven for birdlife and a site of Special Scientific Interest) and is surrounded by fields occupied by friendly horses , happy cows and sleepy sheep. We are therefore very aware of our responsibility to maintain and where possible enhance our environment. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously.


We appreciate the hospitality industry can, if not managed properly, have a hugely negative impact on our environment.


In order to minimise the effect of our small hotel we are committed to a policy of sound and responsible environmental management, a sustainable use of resources and minimising waste.


We have adopted a strategy recommended by Fife Council of

REDUCE  Lower the amount of waste produced


RE-USE Use materials repeatedly


RECYCLE Use materials to make new products/compost


RECOVER Recover other value (e.g. energy/metals) from waste



In order to meet our environmental responsibilities, we have developed the following strategic initiatives:

  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performance
  • Communicate this policy and promote environmental awareness amongst all employees
  • Display this policy statement on our website
  • Make available our environmental policy in each bedroom
  • Endeavour to prevent pollution 
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation
  • Continue our policy of green procurement
  • Take all measures to reduce waste at source
  • We re-use waste components where it is safe and practicable to do so
  • We dispose of non-recyclable waste by the most environmentally suitable means
  • We practice responsible energy management through reduced consumption and the encouragement of energy efficiency
  • We encourage the use of public transport and provide facilities for the disabled, pedestrians and cyclists


The following actions have been taken within the business to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill through use of different bins for recyclable waste eg plastic bin, bottle bins, paper and cardboard bin
  • Extend our sustainable sourcing; particularly regarding our toiletries. Toiletries are supplied by Noble Isle who are partnered with Clear Conscience to minimise the impact of single use toiletries and maximise the repurposing of plastics. Their statement reads –


“All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, free from parabens, environmentally friendly and all made with a fine fragrance within the British Isles”


  • To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, we completely renewed our heating and hot water distribution system in December 2019. This allowed the use of the most up to date technology to maximise boiler efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.  We record energy usage allowing accurate monitoring of our energy consumption and we use energy saving initiatives where possible. For example, all of our radiators are fitted with variable thermostatic control valves. 
  • Rolling program to replace all bulbs with LED lights 
  • Discussing with our guests car free transport and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
  • All plastics, glass and cardboard are recycled


Our Bedrooms:

  • We use low-energy bulbs where possible
  • We change bed linen after the third night unless requested
  • We offer recyclable plastic bottles of drinking water from Highland Spring

Our Bathrooms:

  • We choose to work with Noble Isle, a leading brand of fine fragrances, whose ethos is centred on sustainable packaging
  • To reduce detergent and water usage, we only change towels when requested
  • We provide eco-pump bottles of bathroom hand soaps to minimise wastage
  • We reuse and recycle all of our shampoo, conditioner and body wash toiletries



  • We have an online and telephone booking system which enables us to send all correspondence via email, reducing paper and postage miles
  • We are looking into the use of push bikes and electric bikes available to rent with local routes and maps
  • Doorstep guides produced for guests encourage walks from the hotel and less car usage
  • We are looking into installing electric car charging point for guests and staff use